Live Photos are fantastic, but each picture weighs up to three times more than a still image. If you want to keep only the stills, that's a lot of wasted device memory.

With Live Photo Cleaner, you can delete the "Live" part of the picture and thus cut the size of the image by three, reclaiming precious megabytes of memory for each image you clean up.


  • You can preview the memory that will be regained before cleaning up the photos
  • The still pictures remain linked with the albums they were added to.
  • Live Photos which were offloaded to iCloud are downloaded automatically.

Good to know

  • Live Photo Cleaner duplicates the Live Photo as a still picture, and moves the original to the "Recently Deleted" folder of the iOS Photos App. Thus memory will only be reclaimed after the photo is deleted for good.
  • The still pictures will appear as new pictures in the "Recents" album of the iOS Photos App. There is currently, no way around this, unfortunately.
  • Live Photos you edited (applied a bounce, loop, or long-exposure effect, applied a color filter, corrected exposure, cropped, etc.) cannot be cleaned up at the moment.

But most importantly

  • No in-app purchases
  • No ads
  • No need to unlock anything
  • We respect your privacy
  • Completely open source

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